The biggest thing you’ll learn from this episode:

“I think upon reopening, we’re all craving to get that revenue back into our system and the biggest piece of advice that I would give people is to help that grow, be really kind and compassionate with your customers that are taking the opportunity to come in. They want to be there and they’re going to want to feel safe even if they don’t admit it. And I think that doing that and being smart about how you spend your dollars going forward is going to be who blooms as we come out of this and how many butterflies can get off the ground.

“And I truly believe that it’s going to be as simple as, ‘hi, how are you doing? Great. I’m so happy to see you again.’ My piece of advice is customer service, customer service, customer service, and market your processes and protocols. If you don’t have them in writing, get them in writing.” – Jordan Strouse, Owner, SWEAT 1000 Houston.

About Our Guest:

Jordan Strouse is a seasoned International Business Attorney with extensive experience working in cross-border and multicultural deals. In 2016 he created a partnership with groundbreaking boutique fitness studio SWEAT 1000 in South Africa to bring a world class fitness brand to the United States.

SWEAT 1000 in Houston has quickly become one of the leading US boutique fitness studios, ranking number eight on a list of the hardest workouts in the country. ‘SWEAT’ stands for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training with the ‘1000’ representing calories burned in a groundbreaking 1 hour workout.

About the Episode:

In today’s episode we explore the topic of reopening a studio. Jordan Strouse shares how Houston has already come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and how that better prepared their diverse community to band together through COVID-19.

Jordan offers his perspective on why he chose NOT to live stream classes during the closure, some ways SWEAT 1000 is innovating the cleaning game, plus he gets straight up mathematical on class scheduling and why you should be customer-service oriented now more than ever because it’s just good business.

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