We know how to stretch ourselves. 

The core of your studio should be as strong as that of your customers. zingfit’s studio management, scheduling and marketing tools give you the stability and strength to succeed.

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Beautiful software that works as hard as your reformers.

The line of reformers in your boutique pilates studio makes a dramatic impression and an even more dramatic change on your customers’ fitness. zingfit’s software delivers an equally beautiful digital experience for your customers, and an efficiency and robustness in it’s backend admin that’s as efficient as your studio’s equipment.

From ‘January walk-ins’ to loyal customers.

When a Pilates beginner enters your studio as a walk-in, you welcome and support them as they take that brave, first step in discovering an exhilarating system of fitness. zingfit enables you to easily take their walk-in booking, maybe even pre-select a spot in the room for them to ease their nerves. And at the same time your existing members are turning up for their pre-booked classes, using their 10-packs and effortlessly checking in at the self sign-in kiosk.

Unique platform features for pilates.

Enable your customers to pre-book their favorite reformer using zingfit’s fully-integrated Spot Scheduling®.

zingfit’s invite-a-guest feature turns your customers into a powerful marketing channel for your pilates studio.

Create upsells for your customers during their online booking: sell pilates shoes, or take pre-orders for post-workout smoothies.

Enable customers to post on social media about their class bookings, telling the world how great your studio is.

Powering the best pilates boutiques.

Everything in coordination is key, and zingfit’s robust integrated platform keeps it all together for pilates studios.

zingfit’s expertise in boutique…

As the boutique fitness revolution grows, zingfit is powering a dynamic and  innovative industry, from boxing, to bootcamp, to meditation—plus new studio clients in rowing, running and more choosing zingfit everyday.


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Powering boutique fitness.TM

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