Passionate about
people, wellness and
boutique fitness.

zingfit is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. A town of fitness, technology, and passionate people who value meaningful connections.

We measure success

By how we’re helping to redefine the fitness industry, through thought leadership, through new innovations to our software, and through the modern fitness brands that we’re helping grow.

zingfit is a fast-growing FitTech company

We love growth as much as our boutique fitness clients, and our SaaS platform is fueling the world’s best boutique fitness brands—a dynamic group of brands that are challenging the status quo of fitness and gyms.

We pride ourselves on being the smarter player in our marketplace

We’re a challenger brand. As the ‘David’ to some pretty big ‘Goliaths’, we think and execute in a smarter and more nimble way—a personality and characteristic that our clients and trusted partners value.

At zingfit, we are passionate yogis, meditators, HIIT class lovers, and high-altitude living folk

The yogis of zingfit

Wednesdays is yoga in the office – keeping us centered, strengthened and supple.
Fridays is massage therapy, to reduce those knots and balance out the fast-pace of our office.

Working and working out

If we’re not working or working out (that said…we work a lot!), you might find us hiking the Rocky Mountains or skiing one of the slopes that’s less than 45 mins from our office.


Join our team of highly-motivated technology and fitness professionals. We are always interested in meeting talented and hard-working people.

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