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zingfit makes your boutique brand the hero, with branded marketing tools for acquisition, retention and loyalty.

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Reward & Loyalty Campaigns

Develop loyalty programs and reward campaigns right inside your studio’s software, not on a 3rd party app or subscription.

Peer-to-Peer Recruitment

Create rewards-based referral programs to turn your customers into a powerful marketing channel.

Email Marketing

Branded email templates let you communicate with customers in your own personal style. And a MailChimp integration that lets you deliver powerful email marketing campaigns to your entire customer database.

Healthy Competition
with Fitness Metrics Integrations

Calories burned, average power generated, distance traveled: The seamless integration with all the major metrics partners ensure your brand leads the way from class booking to post-class metrics.

Track the Customer Journey with
Google Analytics

Track your customers’ journey across your website, from your homepage, to book, to buy-⎯thanks to the dynamic functionality of zingfit’s iframe.

It’s your digital brand, you decide how to run it.

iframe: Powerful Branded Scheduling Made Simple

Your scheduling, the way you want it.

The zingfit iframe lets you customize and control your studio’s scheduling and class pages directly on your website, right from your zingfit Admin. This seamless integration eliminates the need for third-party hosted scheduling and e-commerce webpages—removing the friction between scheduling software and your website, so your brand is at the heart of everything.

Industry Leading REST API, for a Highly Sophisticated Digital UX

For Elite and enterprise clients looking to completely customize their brand’s digital experience and UX – the zingfit API provides an industry-leading solution. Our professional solutions team can guide your team of designers and developers as you build your website and native app, integrating the best-in-class workflows pioneered by zingfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does zingfit provide website design services?

While zingfit is fanatical about providing branded scheduling and e-retail solutions, we do not provide services for design, content development, or overall branding. zingfit can work with your designer, or can make a recommendation for you to one of zingfit’s designer/agency partners.

For more information, please check out our design guide.

Does zingfit have an app?

Yes! zingfit’s custom branded app allows for full functionality that aligns with all the key elements of your website. zingfit designs a mobile experience that is elegant and delightful for your clients to use. Check out zingfit’s complete app guide here.

Does zingfit have social integration?

Absolutely! One of the great features of the zingfit platform is the ability for your clients to share their class on Facebook or Twitter. Further, you can incentivize your clients to promote your studio by setting reward campaigns based on their number of social shares. For example, you can create a campaign that offers a free class once a client reaches 20 social shares. It’s a great way to empower your clients to create more engagement with your studio.

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