An app you truly own

With zingfit, you control the conversation with your customers – powering your brand is our number-one priority. zingfit lets you own and control a custom-branded app that mobilizes your tribe and brings your in-studio experience to an on-the-move lifestyle.

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Full Functionality

There are no limitations when customers book on mobile – they have access to full zingfit functionality including auto-pay contracts, rewards, social engagement, and Spot Scheduling®.

Updates without the Updating

Update your native app’s content anytime from your zingfit admin console – no iOS/Android store updates are required for content changes. Your customers will appreciate no extra effort on their part!

More than just a Pretty Face – A Boutique Studio Machine

Link to all your website’s classes and scheduling pages so your clients don’t miss a beat when going mobile.

Get Your

Brand On!

Change your home image, splash image, and call-to-action whenever you like, so your app is always wearing your brand’s freshest face.

It’s Ok
to be Pushy

Push Notification support so your customers receive important class reminders and notifications for waitlist bookings. Plus, you can send as many broadcast push messages to all your customers as often as you like!

Customer Login

A single sign-on feature means your customers are always logged in. And once in the app, they have access to all their account information – this makes bookings and purchases on mobile a breeze.

Barcode Scanning for Easy Customer Sign-In

Want a faster sign-in experience? Just have customers pull up their unique barcode in the app and scan – it’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is zingfit’s app better than the competition?

With your app designed by zingfit, you are always in control of your tribe. Unlike other software vendors that seek to capture your studio customers as their own, zingfit does NOT offer consumer-facing apps under its own branding for boutique fitness studios’ customers. zingfit’s sole focus is creating apps for boutique fitness studios that deepen your connections to customers. zingfit’s app is about putting your brand first so you can offer a digital experience that mirrors the in-studio experience you work so hard to provide.

Will zingfit market my app to customers with deals and specials?

No! Your customers are YOUR customers. zingfit makes great effort to stay in the background and put your brand first.

How do I get setup to support barcode scanning for customer sign-ins?

For sign-in kiosks – you can purchase a scanner (with text-emulation support) for your tablet so that a customer can simply flash her phone instead of typing in an email address or phone number.

For a front-desk desktop computer – simply install a scanner, place the cursor in the zingfit Booker, search field (this is the cursor’s default location on page refresh), and the customer profile card will pop-up with a sign-in button if the customer is scheduled for a class in the next 45 minutes.

I’m an existing customer, how do I get the app?

Fill out our app design request form here and one of our team members will be in touch to get started on designing your app.

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