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The best boutique boxing brands are revolutionizing the in-studio experience and are looking for a digital partner that mirrors their demand for excellence. Ask us about Spot Scheduling® rooms for boxing!

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A digital brand that floats like a butterfly.

Your brand floats like a butterfly, and your customers sting like a bee! The fancy footwork of boutique boxing is pushing boutique fitness to new heights. When you work as hard as you do creating the most incredible in-studio experience, your digital studio should punch just as hard.

Friends with benefits.

Filling your boxing studio matters the most, and your customers’ friends are your greatest prospects. zingfit’s integrated customer referral programs lets you configure promotional campaigns around brand advocacy and loyalty. There’s no need to subscribe to third-party software and there’s less reliance on class discounts—zingfit is in your corner.

Unique platform features for boxing.

Run your in-studio shop, sell your branded merchandise, and manage inventory with barcode-based stock control.

Assign-a-guest let’s your customers invite and pay for a friend to come along with them to class, in the most frictionless way possible.

Pre-order (sell or rent) gloves and wraps for your customers, ensuring they fully enjoy your class punch combos.

The best boutique boxing studios offer Spot Scheduling™ of boxing bags, letting customers workout near their southpaw friends.

Powering the best boxing techniques

We’re agile and think smart, and we’re helping the fastest growing boutique boxing brands in the world.

zingfit’s expertise in boutique…

As the boutique fitness revolution grows, zingfit is powering a dynamic and innovative industry, from boxing, to bootcamp, to meditation—plus new studio clients in rowing, running and more choosing zingfit everyday.


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