We know how to raise the barre.

Whether it’s the best equipment, beautfiul branding, or those extra-touches, studios set the bar high for the in-studio experience. And, the best boutique studios choose software that raises the bar too.

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Building beautiful relationships at the barre.

You may run a boutique barre studio, but you’re in the relationship business. And we believe that relationship begins well before your customers step through your door and pull on their barre socks. zingfit helps deepen the relationship between people and their passion for barre and builds new connections between your customers – and it all starts at your digital doorstep.

Software in tune with the simplicity and essentials of barre.

From a clean and simple – yet elegantly branded – schedule to seamless customer payments, zingfit’s fully-integrated platform with studio management, e-commerce and customer marketing ensures your barre studio operates gracefully and with poise.

Platform features perfect for barre.

zingfit’s online store empowers you to sell ballet bar apparel, studio-branded merchandise and more.

Group fitness delivers wellness through positive friendship. zingfit’s invite a guest feature helps your studio to build even deeper relationships.

Offer upsells to your customers at the point-of-booking, so they have their barre grip socks for class.

Offer rewards to your customers for social shares, visitation and class achievements—and configure the rewards to suit your business model.

Powering the best barre boutiques.

As our barre clients develop new classes for their clients, or even offer barre and bootcamp classes, zingfit is providing a flexible and well loved platform for boutique barre studios.

zingfit’s expertise in boutique…

As the boutique fitness revolution grows, zingfit is powering a dynamic and  innovative industry, from boxing, to bootcamp, to meditation—plus new studio clients in rowing, running and more choosing zingfit everyday.


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Indoor Cycling

Powering boutique fitness.TM

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