A word from zingfit:

KrankFIT was looking for an intuitive and cost-efficient studio management solution. Their previous platform, Mindbody, was expensive and not particularly user-friendly, in addition to having poor customer service. But when KrankFIT found zingfit, they knew they had found a better solution for their unique studio needs.

From Spot Scheduling™, to video on demand, to customer service that truly cared about KrankFIT’s success, zingfit helped Nestler and her team come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.

This case study showcases how zingfit’s boutique-focused platform and customer-centric functionality help small studios save money and elevate their business operations.

In this case study you’ll see KrankFIT experienced:

Savings of 60% when compared to Mindbody, for a total savings of $400/month.

Increased revenue as a result of bike rentals and on-demand classes, both powered by zingfit, that provided 100% of KrankFIT’s revenue during the pandemic.

Friendly and accessible customer service to help address any questions or concerns.

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