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Winter 2019/2020

December  •  January  •  February

iKizmet Integration

iKizmet’s sophisticated analytics and reporting tools now integrate with zingfit! iKizmet automatically syncs with your zingfit data and presents important information in a beautiful, clear visual dashboard. For example, iKizmet calculates membership information such as sales and churn, attendance and utilization information, and marketing statistics such as customer referrals by source. You can make smart, informed decisions for your business that are not just backed by feelings, but by facts. 

To learn more about iKizmet, sign up for an iKizmet demo. Once you purchase an iKizmet subscription, iKizmet will notify zingfit and we’ll work together to integrate your account into your new reporting tool.

Gympass Integration

We’re very happy to announce that zingfit and Gympass are now integrated. And in case you haven’t heard of Gympass yet…it is a platform that empowers companies to engage their employees in physical activity by providing access to the largest global network of gyms and boutique fitness studios! 

With this new integration, our Boutique Fitness Customers can start working Gympass to acquire new customers who have money to spend on fitness from their progressively-minded employers!

If you’re looking to make the switch to zingfit ask your sales representative for more information about this integration and existing customers can find out how to use Gympass by contacting our Support Team.

Autumn 2019

September  •  October  •  November

More Control Over Customers Who Book Via An Aggregator

Our new nifty update helps you control the way Spot Scheduling™ “spots” are assigned to customers who booked via an aggregator. This new setting in your Admin provides a way for you to choose if customers who booked via an aggregator are allocated the first available spots at the front or back of the room (based upon your room numbering). Existing zingfit customers can read more here.

Summer 2019

June  •  July  •  August

Strong Customer Authentication for European Customers

zingfit’s e-commerce solutions for boutique fitness studios have been updated to work effortlessly with the new PSD2 regulations in Europe which went into effect on September 14, 2019. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements make businesses and customers more secure when it comes to online payments. To learn more about SCA click here.

Spring 2019

March  •  April  •  May

In Closed Beta: New Tablet Friendly POS for Faster Front of House Transactions

You asked and we delivered: zingfit’s new tablet-friendly Point of Sale provides you with an elegant solution—if you plan to use an iPad, tablet, etc. at you your front desk for selling packages, appointments and products.

zingfit’s tablet-optimized UI puts all the Admin and Menu items, fields and buttons right where your front-of-house team needs them, so they can easily and efficiently sell to your customer.

And, when used in conjunction with the new Chip-and-Pin / Tap-to-Pay terminal, those in-studio sales go even quicker! (Please see below for more about the new card terminal.)

Contact us today to ask about this new tablet-friendly POS.

Winter 2018/2019

December  •  January  •  February

In Closed Beta (US Only): Chip-and-Pin & Tap to Pay Card Terminal

zingfit clients can now adopt a secure Chip and Pin card reader that extends their same online payment processing into the physical world. And, with a single view of customers and sales across online and offline channels, your business will have a real-time view of your customers payments—and a true omnichannel payments solution.

Contact us to learn more. This fully integrated card processing terminal will launch in the US, with Canada, the UK and Europe following shortly after.

Automated Substitute Instructor Search

Save hours of you and your managers’ time when it comes to finding a substitute instructor. zingfit has added a new feature that lets you automate the search and confirmation of a substitute. This is truly an amazing tool and in itself a reason to consider zingfit — contact sales at zingfit to learn more.

Merge Duplicate Customer Accounts with Ease

Weed out those duplicate customer accounts by looking up accounts with matching phone numbers, names and billing addresses. Then, at the stroke of a button, choose which account to replace — merging attendance, purchases, store credits and debits, group membership, referrals and performance metrics.

Bulk Updater. No fancy name for this!

Making the same changes to the schedule across multiple days, weeks or months is time-consuming and tedious. Save hours of time and update the class schedule in a single stroke, via an intuitive wizard interface. For existing clients who would like to use this feature, learn more here.

Autumn 2018

September  •  October  •  November

Seamless and Easy-To-Use Branded Scheduling with zingfit’s New Iframe

Our new iframe integration allows you to run your zingfit-powered front-end scheduling and customer engagement within your own website — with the iframe effortlessly designed to look and feel like your digital brand. This innovative approach allows studios to customize their schedule and booking to match their brand. And the iframe’s digital tracking — via your Google Analytics account — allows you to review to your website traffic/customer journey as your customers visit the schedule, book and buy pages. Read more here.

Spot Scheduling Room Design and Build

Spot Scheduling has long been one of zingfit’s industry-leading innovations. The new “Spot Schedule Room Designer” tool allows our clients to create and update their own Spot Scheduling designs and room layouts.

Current clients, please contact Customer Support via the Knowledge Base. If you’re considering zingfit as your fitness scheduling software be sure to ask your sales representative during your demo.

Summer 2018

June  •  July  •  August

Instructor Intranet

Allows your instructors to view attendance and spot assignments for their classes, plus they can view messages posted by managers for instructor view.  Bring your squad together and thrive.

Current clients, please contact Customer Support via the Knowledge Base. If you’re considering zingfit as your fitness scheduling software be sure to ask your sales representative during your demo.

Abandoned Cart Email

We’ve added a new customer journey email that will notify customers if they have a class package they didn’t finish purchasing — the email is sent automatically and includes a direct link back to the checkout screen, encouraging the customer to complete their purchase.

Current clients, please contact Customer Support via the Knowledge Base. If you’re considering zingfit as your fitness scheduling software be sure to ask your sales representative during your demo.

Facebook Pixel ID and Google Tag Manager Support

You can now add your Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager (GTM) tracking codes through the system settings of your zingfit account.

Current clients, please contact Customer Support via the Knowledge Base. If you’re considering zingfit as your fitness scheduling software be sure to ask your sales representative during your demo.

Push Notifications For Your Branded Mobile App

Your studio’s branded mobile app just got even better. We’ve added push notifications (event-based for attendance reminders and booked from waitlist).

If you’re interested in zingfit’s app, learn more here.

More enhancements

Parlez-vous français?

We have added front-end support for French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese in early 2018. We love the opportunity to work with boutique brands across the world and we are passionate about the global growth of boutique fitness! If you’re as interested as we are in boutique fitness internationally, check out our research here.

“Hello Waitlist” grab that spot **now**!

The “Waitlist Spot Open System Email” is a new customer journey email that can be automatically sent to all your customers still on the waitlist — in the final hours right before class — if another customer cancels their spot. This new email includes a link that, once clicked on, handles bookings on a first come first served basis. And it maximizes the chances you will fill that spot and increase your class revenue.

“I’d really like to jump on the phone with Customer Support.”

No problem, we’re here for your phone calls during US business hours. Call us on +1 646-397-9464, and if the support team is helping another customer please leave us a message. We will get back to you.

Or, if you want to pre-book time for some phone-based support, just click here. And when it comes to getting in touch with zingfit, we use Zendesk to receive your written requests for help. Our customer support team are available in this way 7 days a week.


We have great respect for the thinking and integrity of the European Union’s GDPR. Existing customers, you can read about how we prepared and deliver against GDPR on our Knowledge Base here.