Boutique services tailored to boutique fitness.

Scheduling one of your three, free trainings? Want to ask about web dev’ customization? Would like a personal software coach? Or looking for even more training? …Please read on.

Three, free trainings with your contract.

For new customers, these three, free trainings are designed to get you up and running, and introduce you to our Knowledge Base to learn even more. We’ll teach you how to:

– Get you up and running on our system.
– Set-up series/packages and classes that suit your studio.
– Set-up up pay rates and payroll reports for your staff and instructors.

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High-Touch Web Development & Customization

Your business is becoming even more sophisticated and it’s time to take it to the next-level. One of our project managers can consult with you, and your web design partners, on small or larger changes. We can:

– Work on small customizations at an hourly rate
– Develop an agreed scope of work for larger web development projects
– Through our REST API, help you bring your brand 2.0 vision to life

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Boutique Coach

Our coaches work closely with you, immersing themselves in your business, offering boutique-level support. They will go beyond the standard onboarding, to be a second pair of hands in setting-up your instructors, classes and marketing campaigns in zingfit. Beyond your trainings, they’ll personally mentor you on getting the most out of your software. Their help can be invaluable when starting out, growing quickly, hiring staff, or migrating to zingFit—so you can stay focused on your business. Coaches work remotely, or can be on site for a set number of days. We start things off with a simple, affordable monthly retainer and work with you to tailor it to your needs.

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Customized Training

zingfit is a robust, deep and rewarding platform. Our Knowledge Base is a great way to learn more but sometimes a one-to-one training can get you to where you want to be in a much more efficient way. Afterall, your time is very valuable and investing in a personal training session can be as good for you – when it comes to software – as your studio customers when it comes to fitness. Or, how about a group training even, just schedule one and gather your team. We love groups as much as you!

Drop us a line, let us know what you really want to learn about, and when you’d like to shedule some training.

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Discover how zingfit’s premium, boutique services can power your business.

New Client Training, inc’ in your contract

Three standard trainings covering your studio’s configuration, scheduling classes, and payroll. Schedule after you:

ο Sign your contract
ο Complete the kick-off
ο Receive admin rights

Extra web dev, estimated by scope

Your digital studio and digital marketing are becoming more sophisticated—when you’re ready, zingfit offers:

ο An initial consultation
ο Web dev briefing forms
ο A follow-up consultation

Boutique Coach, from $500 per month

In those first few months, our larger clients benefit from a Coach:
ο On-site support to help you use zingfit – saves you valuable time
ο A dedicated person to coach your staff on zingfit 
ο Learn about micro-features that help you grow

Extra, custom training, $125 per hour

Extra training is worth the small investment and pays for itself in time and revenue, when you:

ο For accelerated learning
ο New staff who need training
ο Master a revenue generating features