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Video On Demand—Your Way (In Open Beta)

Keep your brand center-stage by embedding your virtual fitness class library directly into your website for free. Grow engagement and brand loyalty by keeping your clients on your website while leveraging world-class video hosting through a free third-party service of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo, and Dropbox currently supported). Oh and did we mention that it’s FREE.*

*Free with your subscription to zingfit

Premium Access

Give your clients exclusive access to your on-demand virtual class library. Simplify customer management and reward loyalty by tying in existing class packages, series, and memberships. Manage your tribe in one place so when you re-open your doors your customers can flow seamlessly between your brand’s digital and in-studio experience.

Seamless Live Streaming (Coming Soon!)

Your new video-on-demand portal will soon feature a live stream function. You will be able to offer live virtual classes paired with our native class reminder emails to keep your tribe connected in a time when community is more important than ever.

Live Stream Manager with BrandBot

We are now offering a native integration with BrandBot’s Live Stream Manager to bring you a best-in-class virtual experience through Zoom, Facebook Live or Google Hangouts. Live Stream Manager through BrandBot includes virtual class reminders through email and text messaging with full CRM functionality for personalized communication. Now free for your first two months to all zingfit clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my videos be hosted?

In version one of this feature’s beta release, we are leveraging Youtube, Vimeo and Dropbox for video hosting. We are working to make this as seamless as possible. Currently you can embed these freely hosted videos directly into your website and grant access to users based on their membership packages inside the zingfit system.

How do I use this to benefit my studio?

This feature enables you to embed videos of your classes into your website. This all lives within your iframe solution, so your clients never have to leave your website to access your beautiful, branded content.

Your video library is only accessible to your clients if they purchase specific series or contracts. So you can segment and distribute virtual classes easily to your current clients within the zingfit system.

These features are designed to help you add an additional source of revenue through virtual classes. And make your customer management more seamless as you start to integrate your digital and in-person studio experiences.

Why is this easier than other video solutions?

zingfit excels with video on demand as a native solution, instead of relying solely on the integration and functionality of other systems, which can be pricey and interrupt your end user’s digital journey and brand experience. This was specifically built by zingfit engineers to interface with the platform for a seamless video content experience.

I'm already a zingfit customer, how do I access this new feature?

This new feature is available for free to all zingfit customers currently using an iframe integration. To learn more about setting it up please read this knowledge base article which will take you through the set-up process.

If you are using our standard or full integration, you will need to convert to an iframe before using this feature. We have lots of tools, support and design partners available to make this an easy and smooth process. Please read this knowledge base article for more information.

If you have any other questions or feedback for us on this feature please open a support ticket.

Remember, this feature is in Beta and we are making improvements to it daily. WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Please open a support ticket any time to share your valuable feedback with our Product & Engineering Team.

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