zingfit has migrated hundreds of clients’ data and customer information.

Don’t sweat about your data. zingfit successfully migrates studios every month and offers a structured and robust path so you don’t miss a beat.

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The Process of Migration

zingfit does the work with a little help from you, the entire process can be captured in five steps:


Provide zingfit with credentials so we can review your current data and prepare your migration.

Work with your zingfit project coach

Meet with your zingfit project coach: zingfit will take you through the entire process and answer your questions.

Data migration

If you’re on Mindbody, zingfit will retrieve your data files, and is able to bring over most of your relevant data. If you’re on a custom platform zingfit works out the best way to import available data. Once imported you review and provide feedback.”

Customer and contracts data

zingfit re-imports your contract data to ensure it maps with your zingfit platform’s configuration.

Migration day is here!

After those 4 preparation steps, your pre-scheduled migration day arrives. The process takes approximately 1-2 hours, with zingfit in constant contact with you for a 1/2 day, to make sure all goes smoothly.

Once you have signed your contract: what you can do to prepare for migration.

Review zingfit’s complete data migration guide here.

Merge duplicate contacts in your old system – here’s how.

Send zingfit your old system’s login credentials.

Email your customers and inform them of the changes to come.