We invited the clients of zingfit to share a story that would inspire their fellow boutique fitness owners, managers, and instructors:

This inspiring story was shared by Cheryl Torrance, the fearless Studio Manager of Torq Ride. As you’ll see in Cheryl’s story below, Torq Ride is not just a job, it’s a place where Cheryl has experienced great happiness and become part of Torq’s infectious joy and sense of community.

This is Cheryl’s story:

“In May 2017 I left a 20-year career as a chef to manage Torq Ride an indoor cycling studio in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto, Ontario.

Why would I leave my career? After 20 years?

Well, I had recently invited fitness back into my life after it being absent for way too many. And in doing so, I started to become healthy in all aspects of my life. It became a project of self-love to take away the bad and replace it with the good.

I worked casually for Torq in the mornings before I came on full time and it was such a refreshing experience that when Julie Mitchell asked me to hop on board I could not refuse. Torq inspired a fresh attitude of sunshine that I had to share it with people. On a daily basis, I welcome the ridership in as the ambassador of the front desk.

Everyone is welcome here.

We want you to have the best time possible time. Our instructors are the cream of the crop and they set the best music to a 45-minute ride and even if you had a shitty day you leave Torq happier. It just feels good to be here!

The more time I have spent here the happier I have become internally and externally and that resonates with our riders.

It is so infectious around here.

We climb on the bikes in our community and have fun, dig in deep, but most of all we are here for one another. We know each other’s names and exist in a community and that just feel safe and good. I am so proud to work here and be at the helm of this amazing fitness institution.

I post dancing videos, motivation videos and each of them is inspired by Torq! #keepsmiling #keepdancing #beawesome ”

By Cheryl Torrance, Studio Manager

Torq Cycle

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