FLEXCard™ pricing (guest beta) is the revolution boutique fitness really needs.


Boutique fitness is a revolution in need of a revolution. As customer demands become increasingly sophisticated and the boutique fitness landscape more competitive, maintaining the status quo in your studio offerings is no longer enough—new models are required for brands to distinguish themselves in their markets.

First-mover advantage has a major impact on success, and yet it is increasingly rare to be the only boxing studio, the only cycling studio. Boutique fitness is rising all over the world and most studios are offering the same models and selling the same ideas of the ‘best experience.’


How do you get the jump on offering a ‘new’ best experience?


By removing friction in your customer experience wherever you find it. This refreshes the aura of your brand, creating new harmony between business and customers.

If you’re in the boutique fitness business, you’re in the relationship business—which depends on frictionless moments. Boutique fitness is a community, and your studio has a duty to enrich its community by removing any obstacles that stand in the way of pure experience and connection.

In our work with hundreds of boutique fitness brands, we’ve found the number one area of friction is the pricing model. Customers often can’t use their class-packs across locations, on retail items, or even across modalities.

Insidiously, this creates half-hearted clients that are committed to a particular facet of your business but are not incentivized to be anything more because they’re being discouraged to branch out and try something new.

Furthermore, without the inclusivity of retail items the message being sent to customers is, “Don’t be excited about our brand, no need to wear it! Don’t buy our smoothies, unless you want to shell out the cash in your wallet after you just spent all this money on your limited 10-pack.”

When you consider all this friction, boutique fitness is in desperate need of a change in its pricing model.


Introducing FLEXCard™ in Guest Beta


The current pricing model discourages customer loyalty and gates customers from experiencing everything your brand has to offer so we created a seamless pricing solution for your boutique fitness brand: FLEXCard™.

FLEXCard™ is a digital wallet that allows your customers to allocate funds to your studio that work across everything you sell; every type of class and any retail item, at every location. It is the un-gating of your customers, releasing them to experience your brand to the fullest.

FLEXCard™ removes the friction in your buying process and unlocks your brand’s impact. It frees customers to try new classes, add-on extra classes, and be excited about representing your brand—creating brand advocates beyond your four walls.

With FLEXCard™ you’re reaching new levels of customer loyalty and paving new paths to revenue for your business.


What Can Studios Do With FLEXCard™?


1. Offer a-la-carte pricing on classes.

You no longer have to offer a single price across all your classes. You can have your half empty mid-day class priced at $20 and your packed Friday evening class at $40.

A-la-carte pricing enables you to:

  • Offer shorter classes at lower prices and premium classes at higher prices
  • Increase attendance by tailoring pricing for sub-performing classes
  • Offer specials on classes you wish to drive awareness to
  • Maximize your revenue from your rockstar instructors

2. Save loads of money on transaction fees

FLEXCard™ is not only a revenue driver, it’s a revenue saver. Because FLEXCard™ is a digital wallet functioning as a true payment method, it cuts out transaction fees. Your net profits significantly increase without the raid on your margins from merchant processors. This means no more 30-cent transaction fees on a one-dollar bottle of water or a towel rental.

3. Incentivize with add-on bonuses

FLEXCard™ can be modified to include an add-on bonus for customers who purchase the digital wallet. For example, when a customer buys a $300 FLEXCard they receive $330 in their digital wallet. Giving customers more money for their money creates brand loyalty and enhances retention.

Most major brands including Apple and Amazon offer these kind of bonus rewards to drive purchases. We have made this super effective model available to boutique fitness studios worldwide.

4. Drive loyalty with auto-reloads

Your studio has the option to have customer FLEXCards reload automatically when there are insufficient funds in the wallet. This creates an endless flow of cash to your studio and shines light on your most loyal customers.

Auto-reloads is a powerful tool, not just because of the funds it creates, but the knowledge it provides you about your rockstar customers. You can use it to enhance your VIP perks to your true VIP customers who deserve it, further driving the ultimate brand experience, loyalty, and retention with your biggest fans.

5. Offer cross-location booking

Cross-location booking through FLEXCard™ unlocks new revenue that would have been tied down and lost by traditional packs which could only be used at the location of purchase.

It doesn’t matter where your customers’ purchase their FLEXCard™ wallet, they can use it seamlessly at any of your locations. Your studio receives a reconciliation report so the funds can properly be allocated to each studio involved.

FLEXCard™ puts a virtual passport in your customers’ hands to travel wherever your brand is, while having the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be locked out of your brand’s experience.


How Do I Join The Revolution And Deploy FLEXCard™?


FLEXCard™ is available in Guest Beta only, on our Elite Subscription. If you’re ready to disrupt your boutique fitness market, contact us at sales@zingfit.com to ask us about our invitation-only beta version of FLEX.

Give freedom to your customers, and power to your brand.

FLEX. Disrupt. THRIVE.