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Episode 1: The Right Way to Stream Boutique Fitness Classes in the Age of COVID-19

About Our Guests:

Today I’m talking to Barry Ennis and Shay Kostabi, the co-founders of Fitness Career Mastery a consulting agency and educational platform for fitness entrepreneurs, geared toward elevating the client experience through immersive, high quality fitness programs and services. They also host a weekly podcast for fit pros and business owners featuring experts from all over the globe digging into topics ranging from sales and marketing, to coaching and cueing. 

Both Barry and Shay are international master trainers, consultants and peer mentors. With over 20 years of combined experience they’ve coached 1000’s of instructors and worked with independent boutiques as well as corporate fitness facilities in 5 countries. These two have been featured in magazines, on demand videos and live-streams in multiple countries and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the future of fitness.

You can find them at fitnesscareermastery.com and on Instagram @fitnesscareermastery

About the Episode:

I’m really excited for this episode because it could not come at a more pertinent time! With the coronavirus sweeping the nation the boutique fitness industry is in its first big crisis. In today’s episode Shay and Barry share their insights on how boutique studios should be approaching video on demand and live streaming and some majors do’s and don’ts that will set them up for long-term success.

We talk about the dangers of turning to public platforms like Facebook and Instagram to live stream classes, both from a client-safety standpoint and from a business perspective. They also share the many, many considerations that studio owners and instructors should make BEFORE they start live streaming classes and how to course correct if they’ve already jumped the gun.

There is also a light at the end of the tunnel, and in this episode we explore some of the opportunities to improve your business. And the complete overhaul that our industry is undergoing, and how that might actually be a good thing.

The biggest thing you’ll learn from this episode:

SLOW DOWN and be thoughtful about the direction you want to take your brand. Putting together a cohesive digital offering is about so much more than speed and quantity—it’s about quality and consistency with brand experience your clients have come to expect from your studio.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll see you next week.

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