The Biggest Thing You’ll Learn From This Episode:

Now is the time to figure out your plan to integrate in-studio experience with new virtual class offerings. Reopening your studio is the perfect opportunity to make changes and explore new pricing structures, class offerings and engage your community with new platforms.

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About Our Guest:

Suhail Muqsood is the cofounder of Wheel House SF, in San Francisco. Wheel House is a cutting-edge studio dedicated to the combination of yoga, core strength classes, and indoor cycling.

About the Episode:

In this episode Suhail shares about his experience as studio owner hibernating through COVID-19. He reflects on the opportunities presented to business owners in this time off and the blessing in disguise of being pushed into the digital class space ahead of schedule. Suhail also offers great ideas about reopening a boutique fitness studio. And the way live streaming and bike rentals are becoming part of his long-term business model as he looks to the future and life after COVID.

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