For many of our clients the Holiday season is fast approaching and it’s timely that I have great news to share with you! But let me start by saying thank you for helping to establish zingfit as a global leader in boutique fitness – today we are in 34 countries and adding more before the turn of the year.

Seven years ago, I went to my Co-Founder, Jeremy, with what seemed like a crazy idea – that we hang a shingle to compete with Mindbody. It was a fast-growing market where Mindbody was onboarding hundreds of studios each month, yet less than half of US consumers had ever completed an online purchase.

It was clear to us that there was a real need for a better online scheduling and e-commerce experience. So we partnered with a handful of early-innovator boutique studios and we were on our way…

We pioneered and we prospered by providing highly-branded online scheduling workflows which included Spot Scheduling™ – which we developed and established. Our clients inspired us. Their carefully curated brands excited us, and we thoroughly enjoyed helping disrupt the growing fitness industry. We still enjoy this partnership and collaboration with our clients today.

Today, zingfit and our clients thrive across the world. We’re helping the boutique fitness industry grow by creating deep engagement between studios and their customers. In the past year alone, more than 5 million customers (your customers) have booked a group fitness class through zingfit. We have helped our clients manage more than 16 million bookings across 1.5 million scheduled classes.

Leveraging the incredible work ethic of our employees and the trust of our clients, we have maintained our thought leadership and pioneer status, all while bootstrapping our operations – a testament perhaps to our passion and commitment to powering boutique fitness™.

The trust that you have placed in us is inspiring. In return, we have looked to invest in our growing, talented team and provide our clients with a platform that supports their growth. To that end, Jeremy and I sought outside financing that allows zingfit to keep up with, and stay in front of, the curve in terms of what our boutique customers expect and require.

We began the investment process at the start of the summer and in speaking with a wide range of investors, we found one that stood out – Advent International, a private equity firm that has over $54 billion in assets under management and deep expertise in the health and wellness industry.

Advent’s commitment to our growth strategy and our platform roadmap through an injection of fresh capital led to us ultimately agreeing to be acquired. Advent’s vision for zingfit will enable new strategic partnerships and resources to help deliver on our vision.

Stay tuned for more news – we’ve got really great things in the pipe! And, if you have any questions for the team and I, we’d love to hear from you. Just shoot us an email at

– John
November 2019

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