Boutique fitness powered on to new global heights in 2018—and that included New Zealand.

zingfit is proud to help power boutique fitness studios in 37 countries and counting. One of our newest clients is District Fitness in Auckland, New Zealand.  With an incredible team and brand, “District” offers HIIT, Cycling, Barre and Pilates—and their customer reviews are a testament to the incredible experience they offer.

Jess Wallace runs Marketing for District and she has kindly shared a little bit about what they’ve been up to in 2018:

What a year 2018 was for us at District!

We successfully had our first “Kick Ass, No Butts” 8 week challenge. We introduced a boxing studio to our original ‘3 studio concept’.

We celebrated officially being “1-year Old” but most of all we grew our community.

District was founded on the idea of creating an oasis in the city, a place for members to unwind and refuel their spirit, mind and body and a place to connect and sweat within the central community.

The small conversations with our members about those little or big goals they have achieved since being with us make us so proud.

Kate shaving 5 minutes off her marathon run time. Milan losing 18kgs in our “Kick Ass No Butts” challenge. Ateesh being able to do five push-ups in a row – these are the real stories and goals from our members.

District is still a start-up, we are a new concept for fitness in New Zealand.

But we are growing fast and this is just the beginning.

We are so excited to drive innovation in our industry and for the future. Onwards, upwards and tell all your friends!

By Jess Wallace, District Fitness

Side note from zingfit: If you’re headed to New Zealand’s north island in 2019 be sure to book a class at District Fitness.

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