We’re always looking for boutique fitness research. Like our clients, we want to know what’s happening in the fitness industry and what’s happening in boutique fitness. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of research or events out there that are specific to boutique fitness.

Thankfully, that’s starting to change. And so we thought it would be helpful to share with you a run-down of useful research and events that everyone involved in Boutique Fitness should know about:

(If we’ve missed one, send an email to marketing@zingfit.com and we’ll be sure to add it to this post.)

Global Study of Consumer Behavior

zingfit recently worked on a global study and whitepaper in partnership with the trade association UKActive. Download the study here: https://zingfit.com/research/global-boutique-fitness-research

This first of its kind study looks at the characteristics of a boutique studio customer and how these behaviors differ across the world. The research covers studio usage, scheduling behaviors, booking trends, demographics and other interesting habits of boutique gym & studio users.

The SWEAT Conference

And for British and European folks, UKActive has also started running conferences dedicated to boutique fitness, check out SWEAT: https://www.ukactive.com/sweat/

The Boutique Fitness Summit

Staying in the world of conferences and summits, Julian Barnes and Nt Etuk are the co-founders of the US-based Boutique Fitness Summit or BFS for short. The zingfit team attended their inaugural event in NYC earlier this year. And their next summit will be in DC on November 2nd, 2018: http://bfs-dc.com/

New Boutique Fitness Research – Launching August 2018

LeisureDB – a highly respected research company out of the UK – is currently working on a major study of boutique fitness. A short summary of what they’re working on can be found here: http://www.leisuredb.com/fitness-studios-boutique/

Broader Fitness Studies

Broader studies are helpful for understanding the wider fitness world and gaining deeper analysis help when it comes to understanding the changing marketplace:

IHRSA’s 2018 Report (behind a pay wall) can be found here: https://www.ihrsa.org/about/media-center/press-releases/ihrsa-2018-global-report-club-industry-revenue-totaled-87-2-billion-in-2017

Again, mostly behind paywalls but worth considering are the studies by EuropeActive (in partnership with Deloitte) produce a number of reports and studies. Here are some of the more useful ones:

Report: Adherence factors of group fitness:


And check out EuropeActive’s website for general reading: http://www.europeactive.eu/

By Patrick Armitage, VP of Marketing