Sure, the branded tank top is nice and who doesn’t like store credit for killing it in their studio’s fitness reward program? But, for one barre studio in Los Angeles, the excitement is all about the gold stars.

It’s Spring Challenge time and classes are filling up at this Barre studio with customers working toward completing 12 classes in 3 weeks. The prizes include a tank top and a chance to win a massage or a gift certificate to a local juice bar. But what gets people jazzed is the gold star they’ll receive after each class—proudly affixed next to their name on a nice, big poster in the hallway.  And what this studio understands is, for newbies and long-time customers alike, a hall of fame and seasonal challenges are a focal point of their studio.

We all love a gold star!

For regular customers, a challenge can boost a routine in which excitement has dwindled due to life’s intrusions and distractions. For new customers using a monthly intro deal, it demonstrates they are capable of taking enough classes per month to make that autopay membership worth signing up for after their initial trial is over. Used this way, a demonstrable challenge and fitness reward program can be a powerful retention tool.

zingfit’s reward features are integrated and easy to use.

The native zingfit rewards program allows you to easily set up an automated reward program triggered by a number of classes taken during a specific time period (and many other triggers). Rewards can be store credit or a series. It can even be a “no reward”, which might sound strange at first but it allows your reception team to add the gold star, or do a shout out to someone as they come into the studio. 

Even the most jaded customers respond with childlike excitement to a community challenge that involves publicizing their achievement with something like the aforementioned gold star chart! A chart provides an opportunity for friendly competition and a focal point for studio friends and the studio’s “tribe” to gather around.

Buddies make it all better.

Plus, making it a buddy challenge between two friends working together can really enhance the class experience. They will encourage each other to come to class and it will be that much more enjoyable as a result. Plus, we all know people who work out together tend to work out more frequently. 

Take an approach that’s simple, fun, and incentivize in ways that the action your eliciting will become a habit long after the challenge ends. Put some excitement back into it for your long-term customers and convert your new customers into regular members.

Boutique fitness is not a fitness business, it’s a relationship business.

Your boutique fitness studio is more than just a place to work out, it’s an important place to connect with others and build relationships. Gamification, gold stars and seasonal challenges make for a reward program that will reinforce that sense of belonging and help your customers achieve their fitness goals at the same time.

You may run a boutique fitness studio, but you’re really in the relationship business. So, don’t forget the gold stars!

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By Susan Stone, Sales Representative