As the holiday season is approaching, now is the best time to start brainstorming and implementing what your boutique studio can do to stay on top of Sales and Offerings.

Here are some ideas to help your boutique studio with Winter/Holiday specials.

Thanksgiving (for you folks in the US)

1) Family and Friends: Encourage your existing client base to bring their family and friends to a class! Create a series with a generous price (two-for-one class price). They can use this offering to book 2 spots for one class. Not only does this promote community among your existing clients but you’re also inviting others to become a future customer.

2) Black Friday: Flash Sales- Customers go crazy! Give your existing customer base a heavily discounted ride or class session purchasable the 24 hours after Thanksgiving. To make this an ‘Online Special’, select “hide your series in the register.” Maybe only limit the purchase to 3 purchases per customer. Send out a Marketing email 72 or 96 hours prior to Black Friday. Incentivize customers to take advantage of the low price as this only happens “once a year.” Announcing a 24-hour purchase time limit to this marketing email adds excitement and motivates customers to this purchase.

3) Non-Perishable Donations: Host a Community Ride for 1 or 2 classes. Instead of encouraging sales for your studio, you can incentivize customers to make non- perishable donations for a class credit. This will bring local attention to your studio. Reach out and communicate this donation ride through local news channels or even local magazines to boost outside attention.

Winter Holidays

4) Gift cards: Gift Cards are great gifts for existing clients as well as potential customers. To increase sales around the Winter Holidays, send out a Marketing Campaign to existing clients letting them know this is available for purchase. Most customers don’t even realize their favorite studios have gift cards available.

5) Holiday themed classes: With respect to culture and religion, create a holiday event with seasonal music, lights and decorations. After the ride, encourage the customers to have a pot luck to socialize with the class and create that community holiday feeling. This can be free, discounted, or full price.

6) Donate and Take a Class! Research local Not-For-Profit Organizations or anyone in need of assistance this holiday season. This can be the Salvation Army, Battered Women’s Shelter, Homeless Shelter, Orphanage, anyone looking for help. Coordinate a class (that is free in the zingfit system) but requires a donation to the Organization of your choice. Donations can be new or gently used toys, books or games, new or used clothes, gift cards, or cash.  Have a large Box in front of the class doors for clients to donate prior to taking the class. Allocate funds internally so the Studio can contribute to the donation as well. After the class, take the box to the local organization as a gift from your tribe.

7) Reward Campaign for the upcoming Winter Holiday: Encourage customers to keep their attendance consistent by creating a Reward Campaign starting from Thanksgiving week and ending the first or second week of the new year. Reward Campaigns can track Social shares, purchases and class attendance. If any specific trigger is hit, the reward can be a store credit or a series. Whatever combination you create will keep attendance consistent and keep your studio on the customer’s radar.

New Year’s

8) New Year’s Resolution Package: This package is for those who have a resolution to drop weight, engage in a healthier lifestyle or even just want to make new friends. Create a Series (not a contract-recurring—billing may discourage more purchases) that is at least 25% off normal class price with a total of 20 classes for a month. Structure the offering as attending a class 5/7 days of the week for a month. In this package, you should bundle what is normally an additional charge, for example—shoe rentals, smoothies, or even gloves. Not only is this customer going to use your studio as an outlet to accomplish their New Years resolution, you are also providing them with an exceptional experience on this package.

9) Host a New Years Event: On January 1 or even December 31, create an event to bring in the New Year on a healthy and fun note. Or, host an event with tours of the gym, membership discounts and trial classes. Remember to have plenty of takeaway materials for prospective members to take home, such as a custom personal training plan or merchandise with your studio’s logo.

10) VIP member of the month: The New Year is a perfect opportunity to create new interactive programs within your studio, for example—a VIP member of the month. Pick 2-3 different factors you want to measure to classify someone as a VIP. (ex. Number of classes in a week, amount of money spent in the past 2 months and having purchased merchandise in the past). Reward one person a month for the year of 2019 to be a VIP member of that studio. That VIP member will be comped a certain number of classes, gifted a studio sweater and gets their name and picture on the wall. This is just a simple example of what you can do for the new year to better engage your customer base. And it proves the boutique studio industry is very social and attractive.

Of course, these are only some ideas to help your studio customers to truly keep engaged during the winter holidays. From all of us here at zingfit, we hope you, your team, your friends and family have an amazing Holiday season!

-By Seanalee Greenough, Customer Support Manager