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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training do you offer?

zingfit training for new clients includes 2 interactive workshops, tailored to zingfit studio owners and users, regardless of experience.

Upon onboarding with zingfit, you will receive 2 free training sessions designed around your studio and business needs. It’s really important that the people who will use your zingfit software attend the trainings. Supporting untrained staff later on can lead to support requests taking longer than they need to.

Additional, personalized or advanced training is an add-on option. These paid trainings can greatly accelerate your expertise using zingfit. Please check out our Boutique Services page for more information.

What type of support does zingfit provide?

zingfit’s robust Knowledge Base is a valuable source of information to help support all studio needs.

If the Knowledge Base doesn’t have the answer for you, our zingfit support is here for any questions or issues you may run into. You can reach zingfit support through this form.

We’ll respond to requests as quickly as we can. No question is too small.

Can my studio instructors access zingfit?

Yes! With a very robust user and roles platform, you have the ability to set personalized permissions and determine which aspects of zingfit individual users have access to. (e.g. access to studio schedule, discounting a purchase in the register, etc.) Please remember, that staff without training on zingfit should always work with you to learn the platform. We ask that any customer support questions always come from people who have gone through a formal zingfit training session—to ensure we efficiently support all our customers.

How do I get assistance if I have a new location/room, a web development change, or general IT request?

Please use the following forms to receive assistance so zingfit has all the details needed to efficiently help you:

New Location or Room Form

Web Development Change/Technical Inquiries Form

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